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Welcome to Bellus! We are a Boutique Photography studio in love with creating gorgeous images for your home and business. For us, it's so much more than a photo. It's the creation of artwork that you will be proud to showcase in your home, at your office, or online. 


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Mandeville, Louisiana photography boutique, dedicated to (and obsessed with!) creating magazine-style portrait sessions for everyday people.

Bellus is a
photography boutique located in Mandeville, Louisiana and dedicated to creating
magazine-style portrait sessions for every day people.

We begin with the end in mind

You know you need portraits made and want to document or celebrate this time of life! But what is the plan? How are the photos going to live? At Bellus, we begin with the end in mind for every portrait shoot because we want to create artwork that you proudly display in your home. With state-of-the art software, we can show you exactly what your artwork will look like hanging on your walls. 

We can partner with your interior designer also! As part of your artwork budget, we work hand in hand to create portraits that match the decor of your home. 
Another way to display your photos is in a luxurious, custom-designed album that lets you capture and preserve this stage of  life.

Your unique needs and concerns will guide your one-on-one Design Consultation.

I'm Paige and I'm obsessed with those magical details.

After working for years in corporate America I took a leap of faith in 2021 and opened a photography studio called Bellus.

I had no formal studio training; I had no idea what was going to happen. But I trusted that I had everything I needed. It was time to create what I had in my head, but more importantly, what I had in my heart.

It has never been just about the photos for me. It’s about the transformation that can happen when you see yourself in a new light. My passion (and mission in life) is to show people their worth and value. To create a legacy to pass on. To tell their story.

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It's my job (and obsession) to capture every ounce of magic.

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We inspire our clients to see themselves in a new light. To see their own value. To see their beauty.      

To elevate their potential by realizing they have everything they need to stop self doubting.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We are a portrait studio that exists to show our clients their most gorgeous self through magazine-style portrait sessions. 

A portrait experience that transforms and uplifts while creating beautiful heirloom-quality artwork. 

To be awesome.

I had such a great experience working with Paige Henderson of Bellus! She helped me navigate the day of shooting through preparation and sharing ideas in advance. The photos from the shoot were fantastic! She captured my personality, my presence, and showed me in an authentic way. I have received a ton of compliments on my photos and have used them extensively on my website and in my social media.

~ Tina 

I had an amazing time with my senior photo shoot, as well as a more artistic one I did earlier in the year! Ms. Paige was super helpful with posing and has an eye for beautiful places to take the pictures. I would recommend her business for all your photography needs. Another important detail is how she and her team effortlessly make connections with her clients.


All I can saying is absolutely the best experience ever!! Paige is so awesome at what she does!!!


I’ve gotten so many compliments on my headshots!! Paige has a way of making her clients relax in front of the camera. She has an eye for detail and accentuates the best qualities in her clients. Her expertise in photography, awareness of her subject, and love for her craft make for a delightful experience.


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