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Creating Artwork for Your Home is Our Specialty

Creating artwork may seem a little “old school” by today’s standards, but at Bellus, it is our core goal to create a beautiful piece of art for you to treasure! I remember growing up and seeing photos of our family all around the house. Back then there was no HGTV channel teaching us that our artwork should match the decor and scale of our home, so my parents basically hung every new photo that was taken. This included photos in our green soccer uniforms for every year that we played. This doesn’t fly for today’s homeowner who is much more savvy and sophisticated with their decor.

Planning Your Shoot: Learning Your Personal Style

With websites like Pinterest and Houzz, we have become enamored with having our homes be a beautiful retreat that shows off our personal style! It is my job to learn that style and make recommendations to make sure we are creating images that showcase you. I recently presented photos to a client after a portrait session and when I brought up hanging pieces of framed art in her new home, she said, “None of these photos fit the look of the new house.” She loved her photos, but because they were not along the same design as her newly designed home, these photos would have to go in to an album for the coffee table instead of hanging beautifully on the walls! I was so sad.

Our goal is to create a beautiful piece of art that you will treasure!

So how do you know how the photos would look on your walls? How do you even go about choosing a frame? And what size will look best? No worries! Our process starts with a Design Consultation Session so that we know exactly what type of photo you would like to create. The planning stage sets the tone for a smooth portrait experience. Imagine showing up at the studio with no idea what to wear, no idea of a vision for the shoot, and basically “running and gunning” hoping and praying we capture a great photograph. It happens, but it is much more fun to come in knowing what to expect!

See your photos framed and hung on the walls of your own home!

At Bellus, we use state of the art software and can show you exactly how your photos will look on the walls of your home. We can interchange different frame styles and colors to give you a choice in the best look for your style and taste. During your consultation, we will discuss how you would like your images to live. I will take photos of possible walls that could work for hanging your photos, and will upload these photos to the software. At your In-Person Portrait Review and Ordering session, I can show you how a framed photo will look in your home. It’s pretty amazing! Our process is detailed on our website, so hop over here to learn more!

Our goal is to create a beautiful and timeless piece of artwork that you will treasure! Beautiful artwork that happens to star you!

To learn more about a photo shoot at Bellus, please reach out to schedule a phone consultation. We are conveniently located in Mandeville, and would love to work with you!

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