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Sun Kissed Spray Tanz

Meet Mikayla Bidwell of Sun Kissed Spray Tanz!

Bellus is so excited to introduce our client, Sun Kissed Spray Tanz, the brain child of Mikayla Bidwell, a certified spray tan artist from Madisonville, Louisiana. It was such an honor to work with Mikayla to create images that showcase how amazing skin can look when spray tans are applied professionally. Makeup artist Christine Lombardo had the girls looking flawless and the shoot was such a blast! Mikayla wanted a clean background so we went with plain white to really showcase the models and their beautifully tanned skin.

I recently booked tanning sessions myself (for the first time ever!) and Mikayla made it so easy. I avoid the sun for the obvious reasons like aging, skin cancer, etc, so I was excited to see how I would like having some color to my skin. I quickly realized I have been missing out and should have tried this a long time ago!

What has been so impressive to me is that Mikayla is a college student! She saw an opportunity to create a business in an industry that she is passionate about, and went about studying and learning how to set up a professional online booking experience to create a seamless workflow for her clients. She believes that when you look good you feel good and spray tan gives your skin a sun-kissed glow, without endangering your health. When you remove the need for long hours of UV exposure, you decrease your risk of developing skin related cancers.

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☼Mobile Spray Tanning in the comfort of your own home
☼Paraben, vegan,& cruelty free
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