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The Bellus Process

From Inquiry to final Image Delivery

Portrait Sessions are all about celebrating relationships and creating beautiful artwork! It is an obsession for us at Bellus.  We have created a comprehensive process to become your resource to guide you through the steps of creating the images and artwork you envision. The Bellus Process starts with the end in mind. We want to know your vision so that we can create exactly what you need. For some clients, it’s a wall art gallery for the dining room. For others, it is a custom designed album for the coffee table. From initial inquiry to final image delivery, we are with you! We know our clients have busy schedules, so it can can be a bit overwhelming to find time to book a photography session.

The Bellus Process is a comprehensive plan that takes you from inquiry to wall art delivery and installation. We begin with the end in mind to create the perfect portrait for your home or business.
Archival quality guarantees your images will last a lifetime, and beyond. All images 11×14 and smaller come matted, ready for framing.

Remember the vacation you took 5 or 10 years ago? And you captured hundreds of moments with your phone? Do you know where those photos are now? There are people who are good about printing books through apps or even printing photos to put in albums, but I am finding those are few and far between these days. Our studio works a little different than the norm today! We want your photos to live on the walls of your home, or in albums on your coffee table. Your memories should be easy to find so that you can enjoy them. When my father-in-law passed away a few years ago I was tasked with going through the house to prepare it for sale. I found family photos in shoe boxes or albums that had begun to fade and disintegrate. It was so sad to see the precious family memories in such horrible shape.  At Bellus, all of our print products are sourced from the best printers and manufacturers in the world. They are archival-quality and are guaranteed to last 100 years. (yes, 100!) Our wall art products are guaranteed as well. We have state of the art software that can show you what your framed art work will look like on the walls of your own home. No more guessing or hoping that your frame choice will match!

The Bellus Process is a comprehensive plan that takes you from inquiry to wall art delivery and installation. We begin with the end in mind to create the perfect portrait for your home or business.

The Bellus booking process begins with a phone consultation to explore your vision and ideas for a session. We want you to know all about how the studio operates, pricing for the session and art work so you can decide if it’s a fit for you. We are obsessed with all of the details like wardrobe, how your artwork will live, so it is more than just booking a quick session with us! If you decide it’s a good fit, we will take a retainer fee to hold your prospective shoot date. The next appointment we will book is your Style and Design Consultation. This will take place at your home or at our studio and we will plan wardrobe for everyone that will be in the session, the look and feel of the photos you want to create, and location. We will make sure you are fully prepped and ready for your shoot! The more prepared and planned the session is, the more relaxed you will feel in front of the camera. The third appointment we will book is the Photo Reveal and Ordering Session. During this appointment we will show you the best photos from your session and place the order for the print products you choose.

Once your wall art is delivered to the studio, we will inspect it for quality and call you to let you know it is in. We can install wall art for you for gallery groupings or single pieces over 30″. Our professional installer will make sure everything is hung perfectly!

There is so much more to talk about! Please reach out to learn more by visiting our website, or give us a call!

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